Brooklands College
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The Library is here to help all members of the College with their studies. Please respect the facilities, staff and other users:

Your current College ID card must be worn at all times.

Do not disturb other people by making too much noise:

  • Weybridge Library has different areas for quiet and group work - make sure you are in the right one!
  • Ashford Library is a dual purpose space, please be especially careful not to disturb others who are working.
  • Keep your mobile phone set to silent or switched off. Calls must not disturb other users.
  • Make sure your music cannot be heard by other Library users.
  • At Weybridge Library drinks with a lid are permitted but please do NOT eat in the Library.

    Eating is permitted at Ashford Library. Please clear up after yourself and put any rubbish in the bins provided.

    Use of the Library PCs must comply with the College IT policy. Usage is monitored.