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Below are some Frequently Asked Questions.

If they do not answer your question please contact us.


How do I get started with using the Library?

Explore this website and come and see us! We can give you a brief introduction to the Library. Bring your ID card and you can usually start borrowing the same day.

When is the Library open?

Click here for Ashford opening hours.
Click here for Weybridge opening hours.

Why do I need my ID card to do everything?

You should have your ID card whenever you are on college premises and need to display it to access services on site. It shows that you are a member of the College and is part of the College safeguarding policy.



How do I request an item?

Speak to the staff at the Issue Desk and they can reserve an item for you. It will be helpful to know details such as author and title but if you are not sure, the staff can help you identify it. You will be given an estimate of when the item will be available for collection. You can reserve items from the other College campus or those out on loan to another user. You can also reserve items online using our online catalogue. Simply login using your student ID number.

What can I borrow and how do I do it?

Most students can borrow up to 6 items – books and DVDs (but not magazines). Most books can be borrowed for 3 weeks and DVDs for 1 week. To borrow an item, find it on the shelves and take it to the Issue Desk with your ID card.

What happens if I can’t get my books back by the due date?

Fines are charged for items returned late and the longer they are overdue the larger the fine. So, if you want to keep items longer, contact us to request an extension. You can also renew items using the online catalogue. To find out how to do this click here. (If you think you’ve lost an item on loan to you, it will need to be replaced. Contact us for details.)

I’m an Ashford student. Can I borrow resources from Weybridge?

Yes. You can either visit Weybridge Library in person or request the item at Ashford Library.

I’m a Weybridge student. Can I borrow resources from Ashford?

Yes. You can either visit Ashford Library in person or request the item at Weybridge Library.



How do I log on to the computers in the Library?

Present your ID card at the Library Desk and you will be allocated a PC. Your computer username is the same as your college ID card number and you will be given a password at the beginning of the year. If you forget your password you can reset it in the Library.

How do I print?

All the Library computers are connected to printers – black & white and colour. If you need more print credit, you can pay at the Library Desk.

How do I save my work?

Save your work in the normal way, e.g. using Save or Save As. If you save to your My Documents space on the network you can retrieve your documents from any networked computer on campus. It is also a good idea to keep a backup copy somewhere else, e.g. on a USB stick!

I forgot my password. How do I get a new one?

Library staff will reset your password for you. Just ask at the desk.

What am I allowed to do on the computers?

The computers are here to support you with your college work, e.g. you can do research and write assignments. They are not intended for leisure use and a web filtering system is in operation which blocks access to some websites. There are also restrictions on downloading and installing software. For further details see the College IT policy.

What can I access from a computer off-campus?

Most of the Library website, e-resources and links can be accessed from off-campus, as well as the BCVLE.

Why are some websites blocked?

The computers are here to support you with your college work. The college has a duty of care to its members and requirements related to network licences. A filtering system is in operation to block inappropriate websites. If you need access to a website for work and find that it is blocked,  please speak to your tutor and ask them to contact IT Services.



How can students influence how the Library runs?

There are a number of ways to give us feedback about what we are doing and make suggestions for improvements:
• fill out a Library comments slip
• send an email to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) 
• tell your student rep and ask them to raise it at a meeting
• include comments on the Library in College surveys
• get involved in student consultations – the Library asks students for feedback on major projects and policy changes
• come and talk to us!

How does the Library decide what new material to buy?

The Librarians liaise with teaching staff to select appropriate resources for the subjects taught at college. We ask them what they need for the courses and make suggestions. For further details click here to read our collection development policy.



How can I get help with my research?

Take a look at the i-Skills area of this website. It includes guides and links to useful information.
Pop into your campus Library and check out the study skills books.
Get in touch. The Library staff are always happy to help.

How do I find information in books and DVDs?

Both College libraries have computerised catalogues which you can use to search for resources in the library.

For help with using the catalogue ask a member of library staff or refer to our guide ‘using the library catalogue’ - found in the i-Skills section of this site.

How do I find information in journals?

The Library holds two types of journal, print-based and electronic.

The current issues of journals are on display at Weybridge in the Quiet Area.  Back copies of journals are shelved nearby. They are arranged in alphabetical order by title. Most publications contain a contents listing at the front with the articles listed in page order. Journals are reference items, so must stay in the library, but you may photocopy articles to help with your studies.

Electronic journals and newspapers are stored on the Infotrac database. To access this go to the e-library page of this site and click on the Infotrac link. You will also see a guide here explaining how to use Infotrac. These can be accessed from outside college.

How do I find information online?

The e-library section of this website lists the online information sources we pay a subscription to receive.
The Web-links section lists useful websites in subject order.
The i-Skills  section of this website offers guidelines on how to use the Internet.



Do you have any assistive technology to make the Library more accessible?

Yes. Click here for more information.

I’m an HE student. Can I use the Library at my partner university?

If you are a franchised student enrolled with a partner university, then the answer is yes. These courses include:
• Early Years with Kingston University
• Motorsport with Oxford Brookes University
For further information on the resources available, please get in touch.


Study Space

I want to work with my friends. Where can I do this?

At Weybridge you should choose one of the tables in the Group Study Area. At Ashford you can use any table. Wherever you choose to work please keep the noise you generate to a reasonable level so you do not disturb those around you.

I want to work quietly. Where can I do this?

At Weybridge choose one of the tables in the Quiet Study Area. If you are an HE student you can use the HE Study Room.

Why isn’t the Library quiet?

Some people like quiet and some people don’t – the Library service is here for all members of the College. It can get rather busy and it is used for a variety of activities, some of which involve discussion and group work. For those who want to work quietly, choose the quiet study area at Weybridge and if people are disturbing you please inform a member of staff.