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BBC Sport

Up-to-date news and results from all sports.

British Association of Sport and Exercise Sciences

The latest news from the British Association of Sport and Excercise Scientists, and related job vacancies. This website also contains databases of current Sport and PE university and college courses, advice from accredited sport and exercise scientists, physiological testing and advice, and authoratitive views on contemporary issues.

Sport England

The aim of Sport England is to create ‘a world-leading community sport system.’ This website focuses on their projects, facilities and planning. There is also access to advice and guidlines for submitting grant applications.

Sports Coach UK

Tips on sports coaching. This website contains a resource bank of searchable coaching topics.

UK Sport

The responsibility of UK Sport is to ‘underpin and unlock the nation’s Olympic and Paralympic performance potential’. On this website are details of latest projects, job vacancies, and forthcoming competitions in all Olympic and Paralympic sports.